Leading the Charge Overseas and Locally

Gabriel Lucero is always ready to take charge. Starting with the US Marine Corps. he found his way to the Local 872 Training Center. Where Gabriel has excelled to the level of Assistant Project Manager on projects. Many of his family members have represented Laborers Local 872 on job sites too. Joining Local 872 became a reality for him six months ago as new projects like the Stadium and hotel renovations picked up. This is his journey.

What was your experience before joining Local 872?

My diverse background includes serving four years in the United States Marine Corps, over five years in the travel industry, three years in healthcare and most recently with a staffing industry. My last position I served as an Assistant Project Manager focusing on the maintenance and development of large solar projects at various locations (NV, MS, VA & CT) across the country.

Did your previous experiences help you as a member of Local 872?

Absolutely, I’ve been exposed to a variety of working elements. Ranging from a war zone to the corporate world, giving me that versatility to adapt to any environment.

How did you learn about Laborers Local 872?

Both of my parents and plenty of family members have either worked or are currently working with Local 872. I’ve always had exposure to the Laborers Union, but it wasn’t until six months ago that I really started to look at it more in depth. Due to all the new exciting projects such as Raider’s Stadium, the baseball stadium and all the changes on the strip!

What questions did you have when you joined Local 872 and how did they get answered?

The most important question (for me) was stability.  However, after speaking with family members and Marco Hernandez, I felt joining the Local 872 was a great opportunity. They reiterated the upcoming projects and the potential opportunities that will come with some change.

What jobs have you been placed on?

I’ve been dispatched with a demolition company and worked at the Aria and Resorts World.

What opportunities came to you because of Joining Local 872?

So far I’ve been doing demolition, which is a great start! But it’s definitely given me motivation to acquire as many certifications as possible. I have an unquenchable thirst for curiosity and the more I learn from my peers, and safety’s just motivates me to continue learning as much as possible.